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Transport Data Analysis

As per stats and figures the global logistics market is comprised of 10% of global GDP and with a whopping $4 trillion dollars. The transportation logistics sector is the largest industry and fastest growing market with an annual growth rate of 7% since 2011. The global transportation logistics segment accommodates a wide variety of transportation as cited below:

  • Air freight: Global value of $70 billion;
  • Sea freight: Global value of $54 billion;
  • Road freight: Global value of $2 trillion; and,
  • Passenger transport: With over 800 million passengers globally

All these transportation and cargo movements results in huge amount of data, the linchpin of the whole transportation industry. The truth is transportation industry is the most benefitted sector in utilizing the advantages of big data analysis.

Transport Data Analysis Equals Cost Savings

The predictive analysis of logistics data can be utilized to streamline the way companies do operate and function in a cost effective manner. Transport data analytics and insights equip freight companies to perform predictive maintenance of vehicle fleets than from doing it in a reactive mode.

Predictive analytics solution refines the raw data related to vehicle fleets and converts it into insightful information. This helps companies to easily identify vehicles or its components that require maintenance and take alternative measures to manage fleet operations without interruption. Another advantage of this analysis is companies can save huge costs by performing expensive post-damage repair works.

Transport Data Analysis Enables Dynamic Pricing

The wide range of factors that affect logistical efficiency have a direct impact on end-product pricing. Any variation in those factors can cause deviations in overall freight costs and impact the final product price. Shipping cost pricing should be flexibly set based on actual shipping costs .Predictive analytics solutions are capable of factoring in cost-impacting components to provide competitive pricing that is optimised. The price prediction is based on both internal data analysis and external factors such as weather conditions and delivery timings. Thus ensures dynamicity in pricing logistics operations proportional to real-time cost data in balance with competition.

Transport Data Analysis Means Operational Efficiency

Operational efficiency is crucial in transportation and logistics industry, which is achieved through highly dependable data and analytics. By getting historical data of previous activities of consumers, economic and market data, geo information, logistics and transportation providers enables fleet operators to predict demands across operating geographies with an increased accuracy. This lets them define daily volumes, optimize delivery routes, and effectively allocate resources to deliver services more predictively, ultimately ensuring higher level of customer satisfaction. Apart from that, transport data analysis helps identify bottlenecks across various levels due to lack of optimization and operational inefficiencies and address it with corrective measures.

The entire logistics industry operations is linked to economic facts, fuel costs, security criteria, time to delivery, geo-local stats, domestic distribution networks, supply chain efficiency, offshore operations, air and land traffic and a plethora of other sustainable factors. In addition, there are a great number of attributes that can affect profitability, all of which play pivotal in providing optimized efficiency. The dynamics and complexity of these factors demands in a predictive analytics solution that is capable of modelling Big Data to meaning business solutions to the transportation and logistics industry.

Using Codea DSS To Perform Transport Data Analytics

Codea Data Science Studio (CDSS) is a powerful predictive analytics solution facilitating to connect with a wide variety of data with option to model data to create predictive datasets. These models can be customized to match and meet your unique business scenarios. The analytics process employs a robust machine learning interface that equips your company to build predictive visualization based on historic, real-time data and future predictions.

Codea DSS utilizes powerful ETL and data purging and computation features to exercise data cleansing and data handling. The predictive analytics solution is reinforced with processors and connectors to devise data visualisations. In addition, you can have option to incorporate custom scripts to match your unique requirements. For building an automated delivery optimization system for your logistics network, CDSS is the best transport data predictive system with a broad range of algorithmic comparison features and data factoring in options.

Featured Use Case

Client Business – Freight Forwarding and Logistics        Location - USA        Project - Optimizing CFS Logistics Processes

As a cargo forwarding company, our client is licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) as a Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) and an Ocean Transportation Intermediary (OTI).

Client also provides top quality international air freight services to and from origins around the world.

Client worked with Codea to improve on-time deliveries during peak activity times. By geo-aggregating historical delivery and parcel retrieval data, Client was able to develop an application that calculates an ease-of-delivery score for each address. This score-based approach enables them to flag risky deliveries and meet their delivery deadlines. Due to the increased operational efficiency of their network, Client is able to decrease package delivery costs and develop new commercial offers.