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CSR Initiatives

We set ambitious goals and make strategic investments to drive improvements...

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Codea is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workforce. There´s growing...

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The Spark Innovation Ecosystem ‘Applies Next´ beyond what is developed in house...

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Cloud Consulting

We impeccably manage your cloud enablement from choosing relevant cloud services to the successful execution of cloud transformation.

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DevOps, Microservices & Serverless

Artificial Intelligence

Our AI services & solutions help gain high-quality and high-accuracy AI capabilities.

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Data Science Consulting Service

Data Science Consulting

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation

Staff Augmentation

Codea has already helped 200+ clients augment their teams via hiring dedicated developers. Keep reading to find out what staff augmentation means, what are its benefits, and how to get the most out of augmenting your team with software developers.

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Our Industries

Discover how Codea´s breakthrough technologies are transforming industries with smarter ways to do business, new growth opportunities and strategies to compete and win.

Freight & Logistics

ERP For Container Freight Stations
Codea FR8 offers an accurate freight and warehouse management system with built-in redundancies.

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Codea PMIS

Port Management information system
Ports across the globe that have manual and outdated systems and slow paper-based processes are at clear disadvantage in the modern, knowledge-driven world.

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A complete ERP solution for Manufacturing, Distributing and Service companies.

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An integrated cloud based plug and play to reduce the manual work in an OPD of hospitals/clinics.

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A Codea fintech software suite with Core Banking, Insurance, eWallet solutions and Audit management system.

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Office Automation System

Office Automation To Streamline Back Office Operations and Improve Efficiency

Office Automation Efforts Deliver Efficiency

Office Automation is intended to reduce manual processes, bring down the paper use, and provide a consistent framework for getting work done efficiently and accurately. The process includes digitizing tasks to decrease the paper-based processes and designing systems to route information more efficiently. For this the tasks are defined in digital office automation tools and connected into a series of actionable, automated steps that are carried out consistently every time through office automation software.

Some back-office areas that can leverage an office automation system include:




Human Resources

Information Technology


Product Development



In many cases, even for large organizations, systems and processes routinely consist of people emailing spreadsheets and documents around for review. One classic example is one person emailing another person with information to be entered into another system eg Get it posted in the CRM ..Another is someone making a request by emailing a PDF or Spreadsheet form to a departmental mailbox instead of entering the information directly into a digital form for automated routing, review, approval, and insertion into a common system.

Certainly, these are not the best ways to handle the flow of information between people and systems. In fact all these manual methods are more likely to frustrate and make way to miss the business goals rather than to accomplish them.


A lot can go wrong with manual processes. Since its human to make mistakes, fail to follow standard procedures, and move at our own pace. This means:

  • Information is lost
  • Deadlines are missed
  • Communication is difficult
  • Stakeholders experience frequent interruptions
  • Mistakes and misunderstandings occur regularly
  • Reporting and monitoring the process is impossible
  • Data is re-entered multiple times
  • There is no audit trail



Office automation systems are designed to automate the back office processes and can effectively handle all these issues and much more. The information stays within the system at all times. Requests, approvals and all the related documents and communication are always retained within the system.

Actionable Processes

Stakeholders are only alerted when there is a need for an action from them to take and thus avoid browsing through the copy emails. Taking an action like approving a request requires only a few clicks. Mistakes and confusions are greatly reduced because there is only one information source of record. The activities and communications are visible to all those who requires them.

Enhanced Efficiency

Deadlines are much more likely to be met since there are alerts, reminders. Infinitely less time is spent searching for people and information. Communication is streamlined and tied closely to the process itself. Enter information once and then it will pass through the process and then pushed to another system if needed. Comment right within the system and alert only those who need to see it.

Transparent Reporting

Reporting and monitoring tools are built into the system and allow complete visibility into performance and all activity through dashboards. Audit trails are also built into the systemand this generates a permanent and shareable record of all transactions and activities.