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ERP For Container Freight Stations
Codea FR8 offers an accurate freight and warehouse management system with built-in redundancies.

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Codea PMIS

Port Management information system
Ports across the globe that have manual and outdated systems and slow paper-based processes are at clear disadvantage in the modern, knowledge-driven world.

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A complete ERP solution for Manufacturing, Distributing and Service companies.

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An integrated cloud based plug and play to reduce the manual work in an OPD of hospitals/clinics.

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A Codea fintech software suite with Core Banking, Insurance, eWallet solutions and Audit management system.

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Digital Transformation for our client who is a solution provider for Restaurant industry

About The Company

Triune is a company providing one of the most popular operations management solution in the restaurant industry include workflow for purchase, inventory, Costing, HR and POS for restaurant and catering industry.

Triune provides mobile and cloud-based tools for the restaurant, retail and hospitality industries, delivering solutions designed to automate operational challenges such as Production scheduling, business intelligence, shift communication, labour and inventory management. Triune solutions serve thousands of customers across 5 countries.


For over a decade now, Triune has been one of the most popular and trusted restaurants and catering management solutions in different countries, providing its services to thousands of restaurants and fast-food networks. However, built with the ASP technology, with time the system started to require modernization. Codea dedicated team which consists of more than a dozen developers and 4 Quality specialists. The team currently worked on Triune solution transformation moving it from ASP to REST + Backbone.

Project development is quite challenging due to short iterations (release every 2 weeks), high load, and high-quality requirements. Codea team has cooperated with Triune on a number of solutions including Triune Labor (web, iOS, Android), Above Store Console (web), Seasoned (web, iOS, Android), and Triune Codea (web).

Key features

Purchase and Inventory

Invoice Processing




Team size: 18 members
Cooperation: Feb 2016 – 2019


Angular 6 , .NET , WPF , WCF,MS SQL Server