Software Outsourcing Codea operates at the intersection of energy, excellence, and invention.

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CSR Initiatives

We set ambitious goals and make strategic investments to drive improvements...

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Codea is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workforce. There´s growing...

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The Spark Innovation Ecosystem ‘Applies Next´ beyond what is developed in house...

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Cloud Consulting

We impeccably manage your cloud enablement from choosing relevant cloud services to the successful execution of cloud transformation.

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DevOps, Microservices & Serverless

Artificial Intelligence

Our AI services & solutions help gain high-quality and high-accuracy AI capabilities.

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Data Science Consulting Service

Data Science Consulting

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation

Staff Augmentation

Codea has already helped 200+ clients augment their teams via hiring dedicated developers. Keep reading to find out what staff augmentation means, what are its benefits, and how to get the most out of augmenting your team with software developers.

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Our Industries

Discover how Codea´s breakthrough technologies are transforming industries with smarter ways to do business, new growth opportunities and strategies to compete and win.

Freight & Logistics

ERP For Container Freight Stations
Codea FR8 offers an accurate freight and warehouse management system with built-in redundancies.

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Codea PMIS

Port Management information system
Ports across the globe that have manual and outdated systems and slow paper-based processes are at clear disadvantage in the modern, knowledge-driven world.

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A complete ERP solution for Manufacturing, Distributing and Service companies.

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An integrated cloud based plug and play to reduce the manual work in an OPD of hospitals/clinics.

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A Codea fintech software suite with Core Banking, Insurance, eWallet solutions and Audit management system.

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Full bouquet to Acquire Service and Engage customers

PMIS solution Architecture

Digital Wallet Platform

A white labelled ready to use platform with certified security and uptime guarantee

  • Omni Channel experience
  • Digital Onboarding & eKYC
  • Banking as a Service
  • Peer to Peer
  • Peer to merchant
  • Card Management
  • International remittance
  • Bil Payments
  • Micro lending
  • Loyalty
  • Sanction screening
  • Sub wallets
  • Chargeback Management
  • Collections
  • Goal Setting
  • Payment to unregistered client
  • Invoicing
  • Spending limits
  • Transaction monitoring and alerts
  • Split payments

The Safe Platform

The Safe platform is built in collaboration by software engineers, business analysts, professionals from the financial services sector, and pioneers of digital financial services.

The core is built on Java with a GWT front end and uses the SPRING framework to create secure interfaces with other components.

Interoperability on the platform is provided by Web APIs, or remoting over HTTPS for native Java clients.

Services in other languages can access Safe over an API using JSON messages over HTTPS.

Safe also has a RestFUL API compatible to OpenAPI specifications, enabling it to interface with almost all 3 rd party servers.


Our approach is to tackle the business of MFS from the business end, making sure the business owners and managers are able to create successful models by following 3 guiding principles

Freedom to experiment

The technology should allow business managers to modify and create services based on market feedback without incurring costs in terms of time and money.

Rapid deployment

The technology, and the team supporting the technology should not be the slowest step in delivering services to the market.


Never should the integrity of a payment services system be compromised.

Reduced Time to Market

  • Ready with all feature to Acquire, Service and Engage clients

  • Open APIs and prebuilt connectors for quick integration

  • Auto generation of reports and dashboard
  • Central Security & Vigilance

  • Automated graphical reporting

  • Automated alerts

  • OWASP and PCIDSS level security
  • Ready to Use SaaS Model

  • Choose the modules you need - add more when required

  • Fully managed solution - Zero investment on Hardware

  • Pay as you grow model

    Platform is designed to enable business users to innovate by empowering them with flexibility

    Unlimited User Types

    • Create user groups based on customer profiles: Demographics, QoS , KYC, Organizational Role, Etc.
    • Offer Group specific services: Discounts, promotions, loyalty programs, etc.
    • Focused BI & Reporting: Sharpen your analytics with highly focused data sets and reports.
    unlimited user

    Unlimited Products

    Unlimited Products

    • Codea provides one of the most customizable product creations suites in the world.
    • Wallets with interest functions like savings, deposits, loans, etc.
    • Multi currency support for cross border payments.
    • Rule based loyalty programs.

    Lifecycle Management

    • Workflow based user registration activation suspension management
    • Rapid onboarding using social log in, biometrics, and ID.
    • BI tools to identify behavior patterns and initiate proactive measures.
    • Seamless group transitions and status management.
    Lifecycle Management

    Api Based Services

    API Based Services

    • Access global services via the Safe API.
    • Keep your services relevant and up to date.
    • Add new services with minimal go to market lags.
    • Create your own services for 3 rd parties.

    Service Enhancements

    Codea provides native support for NFC tokenization and authentication. it is interoperable with all hardware NFC that follow the ISO protocols.

    The platform comes built with advanced financial product modelling tools like interest bearing accounts, loans and mortgages, overdrafts, group loans, and many more.

    QR Code Scan & Pay

    The platform provides support for dynamically generated QR codes ensuring security with a wide range of merchant applications.

    EFT POS Support

    The platform comes with a wide array of features and functions to manage service peripheral devices like POS, mobile phones, tablets, etc. The platform provides entire inventory management for all business devices.