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ERP For Container Freight Stations
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Ports across the globe that have manual and outdated systems and slow paper-based processes are at clear disadvantage in the modern, knowledge-driven world.

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An integrated cloud based plug and play to reduce the manual work in an OPD of hospitals/clinics.

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A Codea fintech software suite with Core Banking, Insurance, eWallet solutions and Audit management system.

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8 Best Practices that any Profitable Businesses Employ when Working with a Technology Consulting Partner

A study conducted by the New York City-based CA Technologies on October 2015 brought into notice that nowadays it has become a prevailing activity of the business by taking unfair advantage of the modern technology and communications to alter or modify their particular part or feature to achieve a state of digital readiness.

Due to the advancement in digital transformation and gaining wide appreciation, most of the enterprise completely depends on the latest technologies to intensify their long term efficiency and profitability of their business. If we consider from a grocery store to a Multi-Billion dollar IT Giants such as Google, these latest technological advancements have become a pillar for almost all successful business.

One has to scrutinize deep into the potential benefits of a software development partnership and see whether we will be able to achieve the desired results before we take the right decision to invest in software development of the business.

Breaking down the costs and benefits

Several factors must be taken into consideration when computing the software development costs including their functionality and purpose

The development of the software may vary for different business depending on the predominant role it has got to play in the business. In the case of a simple corporate, the development of the website may cost several thousand dollars and hardly a month for implementing them, but while developing the software in a full-fledged online e-commerce platform it might years and the cost may not be in the reach of a common man. Hence the amount of effort and investment keeps fluctuating.

Another major differentiator arises while choosing between the software engineering team and cooperation model. Suggestable advice can be hiring a reliable remote software development partner as it can be regarded as a valuable and user-friendly alternative to an on-site team

Optimizing for Software Development Success

To get better and desirable returns in future, we advise you to adopt the 8 best practices to employ when working with a technology consulting partner.

1. Set your goals

It is essential to set long term goals and to maximize profit in the long run of your business. We should also be able to anticipate whether the installation or development of this software will give us the utmost benefit in the future. We shouldn’t follow or build the new software by seeing what the other organization's are implementing a sit cannot be considered as the best strategy. Hence we should build proper vision and mission that is by generating an idea to manifest something small and set a specific milestone to accomplish the intended results

2. Go full-cycle

To get better results while building software we need to employ a full-cycle development team that will help to share your responsibilities and train you through all stages of your process. They will also help in assisting with dedicated and trained staff who can improve productivity as a whole

3. Look beyond costs

The adoption of software development can be quiet a costly one. Hence most you tend to choose a cheap one but that can ultimately lead to lesser returns, resulting in the downward growth of the company. Therefore the appropriate software development must be chosen will look into the long run of the business.

4. Define the scope and deliverables

It may be an impossible task to evaluate the project scope as the scope is the breaking down of work into a simpler task to attain the goal as they may help you to give a rough idea about the major tasks and requirements that you need to focus. You need to clearly understand and forecast what is the ultimate result that you can at the end of each project stage.

5. Communicate

Communication stands very crucial while working with an outsourced partner team. There is a constant need to clearly understand the requirements and tasks concede on the deliverable in advance and proactively perform throughout the process. The process of communication is very much relevant especially in the initial stages of development and analysis. This can effectively resolve the issues at an early stage.

6. Start small

Going ahead with a major project with a new Engineering team can be risky and the outcome can turn out to be a greater loss. Once the project is on process changing a team or restarting the project can be a much greater loss and also a greater loss of time as well. The modern world has no space for trial and errors, so it is always better to kick start with a comparatively smaller project until you are convinced with the team’s capabilities.

7. Iterate and improve

The most important factor in technology is that there is always space for improvement. While working on a long term project or a short term project, it is always effective to go step by step, rather than taking a big leap. This always gives a better opportunity to micromanage the process and at the same time incorporate any latest update into the project.

8. Choose the right technology stack

The choice of technology completely depends on the type of software that has to be built and also the purpose of it. It is always important to understand the purpose of the software and only then choose the technology stack that can meet the requirements. When opting for an external product engineering team, always try to have an understanding of the choice of technology chosen and not to entirely trust the external team.